ULTRAcel Skin Tightening

ULTRAcel Skin Tightening therapies use the latest multi-platform devices offering non-surgical skin tightening and lifting as well as addressing fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin the fresh, flossy and smooth appearance.

It is safe and proven technology and is a highly successful alternative to injectables and surgery.

The ULTRAcel Skin Tightening therapies we offer at Expert Aesthetics are the lower face and neck lifting and tightening therapy and our FRM microneedling therapy.


ULTRAcel’s Lower Face & Neck Lifting and Skin Tightening

Combining the power of two aspects of the ULTRAcel device, this therapy aims to not only firm and tighten the skin of the lower face and neck, but also to encourage lifting of the tissues. The result is firmer healthier skin over the lower face and neck and a more lifted contoured appearance over the lower face, jawline and neck.

Radiofrequency is used initially to apply controlled heat to the skin. This helps to promote skin remodelling within the dermis of the skin and encourages the production of collagen. Following radiofrequency, the ultrasound probe then applies concentrated ultrasound waves to the posture muscle that lies beneath the facial tissues. This helps to tighten the muscle and give the lift to the tissues.

The results of this therapy can be seen straight away; however, it takes three months to reach the full effect as the skin continues to remodel. The results are then shown to last for up to two years. This makes it a fantastic preventative treatment to have to slow down the ageing of the facial skin and underlying tissues.

There is no downtime to this treatment, which makes it a popular option for many people. It is safe and all of our ULTRAcel practitioners have received full ULTRAcel training.

Our ULTRAcel Skin Tightening therapies can be repeated, enhancing the effects further. We suggest as it takes three months until full effect is reached that it is repeated at the three-month mark. This treatment can be done in conjunction with other injectables, such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to enhance the effects further.