Skin health

Skin does not bounce back easily after it has been stretched by rapid growth due to pregnancy. This begins with a dark red mark which then becomes glossy that appears streaked in silver and sometimes white. If you have stretch marks it is best to be in the care of a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist as you will find creams on the high street will not give the desired effect. This is where Dr Chantrey’s expertise can help as she can recommend which treatment approach you should follow.

The dermaroller and skin tightening is a simple yet effective treatment recommended for all skin types. It helps skin tightening and skin texture and improves capillary bloody supply.

Mesotherapy has been studied and analysed for many years as it is known to be widely used in the European regions. Tiny drops of the treatment are delivered directly to your mesoderm.

Dr Chantrey’s expertise in this field also expands to prescribed skincare which can vastly improve the appearance of facial pigmentation and skin blemishes. Reasons for blemishes can start with something as simple as exposure to the sun, birth control pills and pregnancy. This treatment results in  obvious smoothing of the skin and provides visible results from the very first session.