Migraine & Headache Treatment

Migraine Treatment

The great news for migraine sufferers is that Botox has been approved for preventing chronic migraines in adults. Although it will not help to treat acute attacks, studies show that many people have experienced dramatic reduction in the number of days they suffer from migraine during a given month.


Most people who suffer from migraines have been known to try various different treatments with no luck. Botox, if administered via fine injections to the patient’s forehead, neck and shoulder areas, where they experience pain and tension. The procedure is virtually painless. The Botox reduces the strain on the nervous system, preventing the development of migraines. This makes the headaches that occur, less painful.

Reduction of the frequency of migraine attacks requires Botox sessions every 12 weeks or so.  However, this depends largely on each patient and severity of the migraine attacks.