Cheek lift, Volumisation

Cheek lift, Volumisation is a process to stop the impact of ageing, illness, stress, trauma and weight loss on the structure of your face. Throughout the face are separate compartments known as “fat pads” which maintain the structure and natural curves. Gravity or loss of volume of these fat pads results in: sagging of the cheeks, loss of definition around the cheekbone, hollowing around the temples and heavy folds around the nose and mouth. This directly contributes to loss of the smooth jawline and jowling.

By re-building these areas that have lost support or volume it is possible to lift the cheeks and prevent further sagging.

Miss Chantrey specialises in full assessment and lifting of the facial structure to restore a subtle, youthful appearanceAll treatments performed by Miss Chantrey are to protect, maintain, improve and preserve the physical and mental wellbeing of her patients. Natural enhancement is the primary goal which can restore self-confidence and self-esteem.

Safe, proven methods are used combined with the latest advancements in Aesthetic Medicine to achieve the best possible results. Once the areas have been corrected, results can last up to 2-3 years with relatively little upkeep.

Juvederm® Voluma and Sculptra® are used in these areas to create a mini Fluid Facelift and restore your natural beauty.

Which Medical Conditions can be treated?

Facial fat loss (eg. due to medical illness, medication, severe weight loss)

Facial asymmetry/unevenness (eg. due to trauma, surgery, dental problems, since birth)

Psychological impairment can be related to the above medical conditions. Correction and treatment of these conditions can have significant health and psychological benefits for the patient.