Brow lift

The eyebrows are one of the first facial features to show the signs of aging. As they begin to sag it can change the shape of the eye and appear more “hooded”. An attractive female brow should have a gentle arch, whereas an attractive male brow should be flatter & more linear.

The Botox Brow Lift (see Botox® Anti-Wrinkle Treatments) is a non-invasive, simple and safe procedure that can open up the eyes and give a more rested, refreshed appearance. The aim is to achieve a natural look which is flattering and balanced with the rest of the face.  An optimum Brow Lift will still allow the patient to move their forehead and use expression so that there is no “frozen look”.

This is becoming a very popular procedure and Miss Chantrey performs this procedure with her all of her patients that complain of looking and feeling tired with very successful results. All treatments performed by Miss Chantrey are to protect, maintain, enhance and preserve the physical and mental wellbeing of her patients, and she aims to ensure optimum results to improve long-term self-esteem.

Medical Conditions that can be improved by Botox Brow Lift


Brow Asymmetry/Unevenness resulting in psychological impairment (eg. due to facial trauma, scarring, nerve injury)

Psychological impairment can be related to the above medical conditions. Correction and treatment of these conditions can have significant health and psychological benefits for the patient.