Anti-wrinkle treatments

Botox and anti-wrinkle treatments helps you to look and feel youthful by restoring freshness and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Miss Chantrey is a highly skilled expert in Botox® and Vistabel treatments. She has travelled the world teaching facial Botox® injections. She has represented Allergan (manufacturers of Botox®, Vistabel and Juvederm® Ultra) at international conferences, lecturing to other doctors and surgeons in the industry. All treatments performed by Miss Chantrey are focused on protecting, maintaining, enhancing and preserving the physical and mental wellbeing of her patients, and she aims to ensure optimum, natural results to improve long-term self-esteem.

Botox in Knutsford?

Botox® is a prescription only medicine. It is administered via fine injections into muscles to stop forceful contraction. The treatment itself lasts between 10-20 minutes

Botox® was developed during the 1970s and received full FDA approval in 1997 for cosmetic use. Botox® has been proven very useful in cosmetic treatments, such as removing frown lines. In addition to the treatment of frown lines and wrinkles, Botox® is also used to treat migraines, headaches and Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). The approved brands of Botulinum Toxin available in the UK include Botox®, Vistabel®, Xeomin®, Dysport® and Azzalure®.

How long do the results last?

Results will start to show after 3-10 days and will last 3-4 months. Patients who have treatments 2 or 3 times per year tend to find the results may last longer after the first 2 years of Botox® treatments. When combined with other skincare treatments, it is an essential component of anti-ageing. Hyperhidrosis (anti-sweating) effects can last up to 6 months.

Which areas can be treated?

•  Frown lines (glabella)

•  Forehead lines

•  “Crows’ feet” (eye wrinkles)

•  “Brow lift” (gives a more open eyed look)

•  “Bunny lines” (nose wrinkles)

•  “Gummy Smile” (upper lip retraction)

•   Jaw spasm and Jaw line smoothing

•   Neck lines

•   Neck lift (Nefertiti lift)

•   Migraines

•   Headaches

•   Hyperhidrosis to underarms, forehead, scalp (excessive sweating)

•   Facial asymmetry (patients suffering from facial nerve injury)

Which Medical Conditions does Miss Chantrey commonly treat with Botox®?

  • Painful teeth grinding and jaw spasm
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Facial Asymmetry (due to trauma, scarring, surgery, infections etc)
  • Psychological impairment related to the above conditions


Is Botox® safe? What are the potential side-effects?

Hundreds of clinical studies have proven the long-term safety of Botox® treatment. However, as in the case of most medical treatments there may be potential side effects such as:

•   Swelling and redness briefly after the treatment

•   Bruising (uncommon)

•   Headache can last 2-3 days (uncommon)

•   Eyebrow or eyelid droop can last few weeks (uncommon)


Aftercare Advice

All questions and aftercare will be discussed during the medical consultation. However, you need to avoid the following during the first 6 hours:

•   Lying down or excessive bending

•   Strenuous exercise

•   Hair-washing or massages to the area

•   Alcohol


Who should avoid treatment?

Due to its long safety record, millions of people undergo Botox® treatments every year. Although it is rare that patients are not suitable to undergo treatment. The following patients are not suitable:


•   Pregnant or breast-feeding mothers

•   Those with a history of muscle disorders such as Myasthenia Gravis

•   Those undergoing antibiotic treatment (particularly erythromycin) should wait till the infection has been cured fully


How much does Botox® treatment cost?

Prices start from £175