Success Stories

I wish to give all my thanks to Dr Chantrey, clinic manager Sian and the rest of the team for their care and guidance over the last six months. At the age of 57 I decided to undergoliposuction as a retirement gift to myself. I spent at least a year researching the procedure (and surgeons) finally deciding to opt for a consultation with Dr. Chantrey mainly because of the following reasons – she gives consultations quite close to where I live, is a surgeon with years of experience and also because of the excellent reviews and television clips that I saw on the internet. At the initial consultation it became obvious to me that Dr Chantrey is a perfectionist and takes great pride in her work,the team are very discreet organising the consultation in such a way that you do not see any other patients. Dr Chantrey was upfront and honest about the outcome suggesting the areas that I needed done to get the best results, she also offered advice on diet and exercise. The operation was not painful but took much longer than I had anticipated (three hours) and whilst the first week following the operation proved to be uncomfortable,the end result was definitely worth it.

Please take their advice on compression garments as although they appear cumbersome they are invaluable to the healing process. Six weeks on, I am delighted with the results and Dr. Chantrey says that they will continue to improve. The whole experience was very professional from start to finish. Dr. Chantrey was always available to talk to me and took a personal interest in my wellbeing and the team genuinely care about patient satisfaction. Should I wish to have any procedures in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Alderley Edge and would recommend Dr. Chantrey and her team to anyone considering liposuction.

Mrs. Jones, Staffordshire, Vaser Liposuction procedure

“Dr Jonquille has now looked after me for the last 6 years. During this time I’ve had Botox twice a year and also a chemical peel. This year Dr Jonquille advised that my face was sagging and recommended a fluid facelift using dermal fillers. I am so pleased with the results, not only do I look younger but my skin is firmer and fresher tooIn fact I look younger now than I did on my passport photo 8 years ago! My confidence is the best its been in years. There is no-one else I would put my face in the hands of – thank you so much for all your help and guidance.”

Mrs P.F. Fluid Facelift, Dermal Fillers, Botox and Chemical Peel Patient, Prestbury, Cheshire

“I have been Jonquille’s patient on two occasion over the years, both times for breast enlargement.  When I first met Jonquille, she was extremely professional and thorough with me.  Unlike many others I had visited before her, she was the only surgeon who I felt really had my best interest at heart and made me really think about the procedure. I place my absolute trust in Jonquille to give me the best results, which is why I would only use her for any of my future treatments.  A warm character, she made me feel comfortable every step of the way and alleviated any concerns I may have had.  My integrity is everything to me, hence she has been the only surgeon I have recommended to my friends – who I am pleased to say are just as pleased with their results.”

Miss R.K. Breast Enlargement Patient, Leeds, Yorkshire


“I have been fortunate to be in the highly capable and professional hands of Dr. Jonquille for the past 3 years.

At the age of 60, following a successful and considerable weight loss, although happy with my body shape, I was extremely disillusioned with my facial appearance – lack of fullness in my cheeks and lines more noticeable.  Dr. Jonquille suggested 3 treatments of Sculptra to restore the fullness and bounce to my cheeks and, 3 years on, I am still delighted with the result.  On occasion Dr. Jonquille treats me with Juvederm to fill and soften lines; and Botox, the ‘Dr. Jonquille Way,’ provides me with a ‘lift’ to the brow and mini-lift to my jowl and neck area.   Recently we agreed I would benefit from a Chemical Peel to address areas of pigmentation. This too was a success giving me a clearer and more youthful skin texture.  I am delighted with the result of my treatments.

Dr. Jonquille provides her clients with an exceptional level of expertise in a gentle, caring and unhurried way.  She is a delightful young woman whose whole manner is impeccable. I have absolute confidence in her wealth of knowledge. A rare find indeed and wholeheartedly recommended.”

Mrs. J.G. Lancashire   Sculptra, Juvederm, Botox and Chemical Peel patient


“I first met Jonquille in 2007, I had a number of concerns that were affecting my general happiness and confidence levels. My skin was damaged and pigmented due to excessive sun bed use in my twenties, my brow was heavy and drooped making me appear tired and aged, I had lost volume in my face and temples and my lips were quite thin. One by one we tackled each of my concerns, Jonquille suggested we did a UniDeep medium depth peel for my skin, Botoxto elevate the brows and for the lines around the eye area, Sculptra to replace the volume in my sunken cheeks and temples and Juvederm for my lips.

I can honestly say Jonquille and the treatments I have received have changed my life. My skin is clear and fresh, my brow is elevated and crows feet gone, my cheeks and temples have regained back their volume and my lips are a much more attractive shape. I am so much more confident now and visit Jonquille every few months for maintenance and top ups. I would highly recommend to anybody with any issues regarding their appearance to visit Jonquille. I would never go to any other Doctor now.”

Miss J.B.  Liverpool   Sculptra, Juvederm, Botox and Skin Rejuvenation patient


Mrs. T.K. “Jonquillle has an easy going yet completely professional style, she is always able to allay and dispel my nerves and understands my unspoken fears. She possesses the unique ability to not only know, understand and meet my physical needs but also my emotional motivations. She is gentle and compassionate and her medical knowledge and expertise fills me with complete confidence. I know without question that I am always in the safest of hands. She has for me, been able to discover, reveal and at last bring to life the person I have always known myself to be. She is a rare and talented gift and I cannot recommend her enough.”

Mrs. T.P. “It wasn’t until the age of 45 that I became aware of the dreaded ageing process.Jonquille listened to my feelings and understood my need to grow old gracefully; I had no desire to look 10 years younger I just wanted to look and feel healthy and “good” for my age. With Jonquille’s help and expertise I have achieved this and now recommend her to my friends who now look as good as me!!”

Mrs T.K. referred by Mrs T.P., Cheshire   Fluid Facelift, Sculptra & Mesotherapy Patients


“I’ve been a patient of Miss Chantreys for 5 years and would highly recommend her. She is professional, discreet and compassionateShe possesses a great wealth of knowledge unique amongst her peers and is incredibly skilled. The treatments I have received have been effective, well thought out and carefully advised; Miss Chantrey has a genuine desire to do right by her patient.

It is evident through her attention to her patients care, safety and motivation for treatment that she would never compromise a patients trust in her judgement & only perform treatments that are necessary. On the whole I feel very lucky that I have met Miss Chantrey and I am fortunate to be one of her long term patients. She clearly has patience for her patients. SF”

Mrs S. Fitzgerald, Ormskirk, Lancashire Skin Rejuvenation Testimonial


“Well what can I say, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because without you I wouldn’t feel and look as good as I do. When I went into hospital to get a facelift 2 years ago I thought it was going to be the best thing ever but I was unlucky & got an infection. They tried many antibiotics and it would not go.. I remember coming into the clinic as I was very poorly and my surgeon was not on duty. The nurse called for you as you were on duty, as luck would have it. You came to see me and told the nurse how to deal with my wounds & which antibiotics & dressings to give me. From that day on I got much better.
That day was the first time I had met you and things only got better for me from then on. I started having skin treatmentsBotox and Juvederm with you to improve the results from my facelift. You were very professional with me and I felt at ease with you. I was really pleased with the treatment and results that I received. You advised me to have a course of Dermaroller andMesotherapy to improve the texture of my skin and for the bad scarring on my neck as a result from the infection. I’ve had this course of treatments and was extremely pleased with the result. I decided that I wanted my lips a little fuller, asked your advice and now my lips look perfect. You are the only Doctor that I would ever want to look after my cosmetic procedures, you are very dedicated as to how people feel and look. All I can say is thank you for making me feel good about myself! I look forward to the next appointment with you knowing I am in safe hands and will get the result I know I will be pleased with. Thank you Jonquille.

Mrs. M.G. Cheshire  Botox, Dermaroller, Fluid Facelift and Scarring Patient


“I am a 48 year old man who has had a liposuction procedure seven weeks ago. I have wanted something done in these areas for 38 years. I lost 3 stone in the last five years by going to the gym six days a week and run 10k twice a week. This helped me with my fitness and loss of weight but nomatter how hard I worked, I was unable to reduce the pockets of fat in certain areas. I chose to consult Miss Jonquille Chantrey for Vaser Liposculpture afterspeaking to various independent health professionals who had no connection with her clinics.

On the first appointment with Miss Chantrey, she went through a comprehensive process of checks through my past medical history & present physical condition. Then Miss Chantrey enquired about my expectations from the procedure and explained what is attainable, finally sending me away for blood tests and ultrasound scans.

On the day of my procedure the whole team were very friendly and welcoming, fully understanding my situation. I was taken into a room where I was marked up for my procedure by Miss Chantrey and talked through the Vaser liposuction procedure; she had a great bedside manner which made me comfortable about the whole experience.

The Vaser procedure itself was not painful as Miss Chantrey looking at my expression all the time and adjusted the levels of anaesthetic accordingly during the treatment.

After the procedure I went home and had only slight discomfort for two days, having two pain killers in total. The result has far exceeded my expectations and I am over the moon with my Vaser Lipo results. After 38 years of waiting it took three hours with the right surgeon to correct my lumps and bumps.

I received a high standard of treatment from Miss Chantrey along with the supporting staff at the clinic. They showed me an impeccable standard of professionalism in all aspects of my care. I felt that nothing was overlooked on any level and nothing rushed.

I feel it is important to pass over my gratitude. I would have no hesitation in recommending Miss Jonquille Chantrey and her team to anyone in a similar position to me.”

Mr I.G. Vaser Liposuction patient, Yorkshire


“I visited Jonquille for my 3rd top up of Macrolane (1st appointment with Jonquille). I have to say it has been the best result so far. I am more than happy with the look and theMacrolane procedure seems to get easier! I absolutely love the results and will be going back for another session when the time is right.  My advice would be to take Jonquille’s advice. I went with her suggestions and I’m extremely happy.”

Ms J.M. Macrolane Breast enhancement patient, Leeds. Referred by a 3 year recurrent Macrolane Breast Patient, Leeds


“I have been a patient of Dr.Jonquille for three years and in that time have found her to beextremely proficient and knowledgeable. My treatments have been carried out to a very high standard in a calming and comfortable environment, which instantly made me feel at ease.

Thank you so much Dr.Jonquille.

Mrs B O’H, Lancashire – Sculptra and Botox patient


“I first met Jonquille in March 2008 and have been a regular client ever since. My first procedure with her was for breast enlargement with the use of Macrolane, having never had any treatment like this before I was naturally apprehensive but after my first consultation I was immediately put at ease! Everything was explained clearly in a friendly and professional manner.  It took me no time to decide to go ahead as I had found the perfect surgeon to do it! I was delighted with the results.

My next treatments were a combination of BotoxJuvederm and Restylane to give the effect of a non-surgical facelift and soften lines and wrinkles. I then enhanced the treatment with a course of Sculptra which I have to admit has been my favourite so far! It has given so much more volume to my face and has appeared to heighten my cheek bones. I have had one top up ofSculptra since 2009 and plan to have another top up towards the end of the year if necessary. Most recently I have had the Dermaroller which again I would highly recommend as it has left my skin incredibly soft and smooth. Finally I would like to say a big thank you to Jonquille who has increased my confidence and looks! I have recommended her to many of my friends all of whom have been highly delighted with the results. I hope to carry on with maintenance treatments for many years to come and continue to receive compliments on how well I look!”

Mrs Cornwell Age 45, Cheshire  Fluid Facelift, Sculptra, Botox and Macrolane patient


“After suffering from acne most of my adult life I was left with scarring, which affected mainly the cheek area of my face. Over the years this had really knocked my self confidence and I had tried many different treatments at beauty salons with no improvements.

Whilst having a consultation with a dermatologist I asked were there any treatments out there that could help improve the indentations I was now left with on my face. My dermatologist then recommended Miss Jonquille Chantrey.I had a consultation with Miss Jonquille Chantrey and was well informed of what treatments were available and what the expected results would be. I was very nervous but Miss Chantrey reassured me throughout the whole process. The first treatment I had over 2 years ago was a course of chemical peels which evened out my skin tone and lessened the scars. I then went back to see Miss Chantrey and had 2 sessions of dermal filler to help lift the indentations out that bother me so much.

The results are amazing and I have never looked back since. I no longer see myself as a person with acne scars, it’s changed my life.”

Mrs King, Glossop, Derbyshire – Acne Scarring Testimonial


“I recently had Vaser Lipo with Dr Jonquille Chantrey to my tummy, hips, thighs and back.I met before hand with Dr Jonquille Chantrey to talk through in depth what areas would benefit me and to go through what the procedure involved.

I must say, from start to finish Dr Jonquille and her team made the whole experience a very pleasant one.

Due to the areas I was going to have done, I had to have my treatment in 2 sections, 2 weeks apart.On my first visit for the first round of Vaser Lipo I arrived a bit nervous but I was immediately made to feel very comfortable. Before my procedure started, I had another in depth consultation With Dr Jonquille whom made me feel very relaxed ready for the procedure and again went thorough any concerns I had. I was then introduced to the nursing team whom would assist in the Vaser Lipo.Throughout the whole of the procedure, Dr Jonquille talked through everything she was doing and answered any questions that I had, which may I say was very comforting. The nursing team talked to me throughout which kept me occupied and amused.  By the time it was over, I felt I had made a few new friends, which was very pleasant due to the fact I was very nervous as the Vaser was being done under Local Anaesthetic.I actually went home looking forward to returning to have my final set of Vaser Lipo, and to seeing everybody again.The down time from the procedure was minimal and I was back into my normal daily routine within 48 hours.

Dr Jonquille has done an excellent job and I am over the moon with the results, she always made herself available on each of my visits to answer any questions I had.

I have just had my 6-week review and the results are amazing, I cannot wait to see what the result will look like as I am told it can take up to 6 months to see the maximum effect.

I would definitely recommend this procedure to anybody whom is looking to re shape their body.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank again Dr Jonquille, Sian and her team for making this experience a very pleasant one, I was always greeted with a friendly smile by the reception staff who always had a genuine interest in how I was. The only downfall I see is that with the results I have received with Vaser Lipo, it is going to be difficult not to be tempted to treat other areas.”

Mrs A.S. Cheshire – Vaser Liposuction Testimonial


My experience in dealing with you and the treatments you have provided is 100% positive. 
You continue to understand exactly what I need and provide expert advice, the treatments you have recommended are definitely holding back the years.

I have always been delighted with the results you have achieved for me and your manner and professionalism creates a relaxed and stress free experience.

I am so pleased with my results, and I’m delighted with the recent Sculptra treatment.

I look forward to my next visit, thank you so much.”

Mrs T Sutherland, Cheshire – Facial Rejuvenation and Sculptra Testimonial – June 2011


“I have had a number of treatments from Doctor Jonquille which have included  Botox,DermarollerJuvederm-hydrate and more recently Sculptra. Doctor Jonquille’s expert knowledge and skills have significantly rejuvenated my face. The changes are subtle, looknatural, and I am delighted with the outcome.

In addition to her expertise, Doctor Jonquille has superb interpersonal skills. She takes her time to understand what I want, discuss options, realistic outcomes and perform the procedures. I completely trust  Doctor Jonquille to give me the best results. Moreover, I will continue to have treatments from her.”

A very satisfied client. Age 49,  Cotswolds – Sculptra, Juvederm and Scar Improvement Treatments


“I have known Jonquille for over 3 years  and she is a complete professional, always putting me at my ease and ready with advice but never pushy. I am 50 years of age and have been told I look 40 – all this is down to Jonquille! I have had Botox in my upper face, jawline and neck and a little Juvederm Dermal Filler in my cheeks. I have also had Mesotherapy to my eyes, face, neck and decolletage. In addition, I have just completed a session of Dermaroller which I can highly recommend also.”

Mrs R.H., Manchester -Dermaroller, Botox & Skin Improvement treatments



“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the way you cared about me on my last visit to you, You made me feel good about myself as always. You are a fantastic Doctor and your cosmetic procedures are fantastic.  You care so much about everyone in your care and you have lovely receptionist staff who are so welcoming.  I am so glad I have the pleasure of knowing you. No Doctor I have ever met is as good as you. Jonquille you are simply the best surgeon I would ever trust to make me look, and feel as confident as I do. You deserve an award for your commitment to your patients needs and the results we get from you are one in a million.”

Mrs G., Manchester. Scarring patient