Dr Jonquille speaks to Cosmopolitan magazine about Ultracel and her favourite treatments

Dr Jonquille joins a team of cosmetic doctors talking about their favourite treatments in Cosmopolitan Magazine and what they do to their own faces.

Want to know her favourite treatments?

  1. Ultracel is her no.1 – no needle facelift brightens, tightens & lifts skin, produces more collagen & prevents further sagging. Perfect for those not wanting injectables.
  2. PRP Plasma “vampire” facelift uses your own growth factors to smoothen, brighten & strengthen skin & deeper structures.
  3. Retinol & Vitamin C creams for home skin peeling & turning back time.

Call the practice for details on an Ultracel & skin consultation with Victoria and a PRP “vampire” facelift with Dr Michael.

Cosmopolitan dr jonquille ultracel prp Cosmopolitan dr jonquille ultracel prp